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Akron Law’s advocacy, trial and moot court programs

Akron Law’s nationally acclaimed advocacy, trial and moot court programs offer a wide range of opportunities to students wishing to develop courtroom skills. In fact, our elite trial team program has set the standard for excellence with multiple national championships, including 2014.

Excellence in the classroom

Advocacy law is one of our areas of national influ­ence. Drawing upon their extensive experience, our expert professors begin teaching all students key advocacy skills during the first year of law school. Students then have the chance to acquire valuable skills through upper-level courses in trial ad­vocacy, appellate advocacy, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If litigation is your passion, you may pursue a variety of specialized courses. By completing a specialized course of study, Akron Law students may gradu­ate with a Certificate in Litigation, which signifies both a focus on litigation coursework and achievement of above-average grades in those courses.

In addition, developed by Professor Dana K. Cole, we also offer a Summer Trial Academy that draws upon the expertise of prominent lawyers and judges who work hand-in-hand with students over an intensive two-week period in the summer on developing the tools necessary to succeed in the world of litigation.

Excellence in the courtroom

Outside the classroom, students put skills to the test in real-world settings by appearing in court under the supervision of our clinical programs. In fact, you will have the opportunity to appear in court under faculty guidance during your final year of law school. Because our law school is located just a short walk away from four court systems in downtown Akron, you will have plentiful opportunities to acquire real-world experience and develop professional networks. This exciting opportunity will also open doors to legal employment and introduce you to serving the community. The clinics and practical opportunities at Akron Law abound.

Excelling in national competitions

By participating in our celebrated mock trial team, you will receive hands-on training from practicing trial attorneys who devote their time to Akron Law students. This interactive mentoring relationship has resulted in numerous national championships and notable finishes. Over the last 20 years, Akron Law’s mock trial teams have been invited to participate in the prestigious National Institute for Trial Advocacy competition nearly every year. Only the top 16 law school trial programs in the country are invited to participate in this tournament.

Students who participate in the mock-trial experience acquire skills that are immediately transferable to real-world practice. They cultivate their trial skills, including creating and delivering opening and closing arguments and direct- and cross-examinations. Similarly, the moot court experience allows students to engage in appellate practice that incorporates brief-writing and oral argument skills. Students are selected for these teams through a "tryout" process. Akron Law also offers an intramural mock-trial competition for students who are not members of the competition teams. Moot court and other competitions are available as well.

Distinguish yourself here!

Through our expertise, you can learn the art of advocacy in court­room and non-courtroom settings. Let us instruct you about effectively arguing, encouraging, or supporting a proposition, proposal, or cause in any setting. We will empower you to assist others and advocate for the interests of the client in the most effective manner possible.


Criminal law at Akron

If you are interested in criminal law, Akron Law can prepare you for a career through our course offerings, skills training, and hands-on experience.

Criminal law at Akron

Trial Advocacy Team at the University of Akron's School of Law

Trial Advocacy Team at the University of Akron's School of Law

Trial Advocacy Team at the University of Akron's School of Law