School of Law Room 165

The Moot Courtroom Classroom(room 151) and Classroom 165, has been upgraded as a technologically enhanced multimedia classroom.

Here is a listing of equipment and the capabilities of this classroom:

  • Ceiling mounted multimedia projector
  • DVD/VCR that displays through multimedia projector; remote control through Synergy Panel
  • Audio system with overhead speakers; audio plugs for laptops
  • Campus cable displays through multimedia projector
  • Simulcast capabilities through University system
  • Video hookup for visual presenter - ELMO
  • Online access via wireless network (Computer must be properly configured)
  • Online network plug for hardwire option
  • 2 Wireless microphones available (volumne control on panel)
  • Corded microphone that plugs into Synergy Control Panel (volume control on panel)

Room 151

Room 165

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