Recommended Computer/Web Competencies

Recommended Computer and Web Competencies:

Operating Systems (At least one of the following)
Windows XP or newer
OSX 10.6 or newer 

E-Mail Software (At least one of the following) 
University of Akron Web Based Email (Google Apps)
Microsoft Outlook
Other Web Based E-Mail Programs (ie: Hotmail) - Not supported by UofA

Microsoft Office (At least one of the following)
Office 2007 or newer

Send e-mail with attachments
Scan attachments for viruses
Use Spell Check
Creating Addresses in the Address Book

Navigate using a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox recommended)
Manage bookmarks or favorites in a web browser
Create folders and move bookmarks or favorites within them
Take a web address and locate it using a web browser
Download files from the internet
Download programs/plugins from the internet and install them on your pc

Misc. Skills
Use the basic desktop features
Move files around and copy them
Create folders
Burn CDs and DVDs
Navigate through folders and the hard drive
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Create shortcuts to the desktop
Save files to the hard drive and a removable drive
Knowledge of printing and changing default printers
Zip and unzip files using a file compression utility

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