Patents of Charles Goodyear

Goodyear (1800-1860) Charles Goodyear is best known for a single patent, US 3633, Improvements in India-Rubber Fabrics Vulcanization of Rubber .  The story of Goodyear and his 1839 discovery of vulcanization, a method to increase the strength and resiliency of rubber, has been told in several well researched accounts. What has not been accomplished is a compilation of the complete patents of Goodyear. Although many books and articles discuss the patents of Charles Goodyear, up to this point there was no single comprehensive and accurate list of his patents including all the information needed to retrieve the original documents from the issuing patenting organizations.   Librarians of the Rubber Division, ACS and the University of Akron, using both print and online resources were able to compile a complete list of Goodyear’s patents issued in the 19th Century.

Origin Patent Number Issue Date Title/Description Patent File
Great Britain 2007 Aug 30, 1853 Improvements in combining india rubber with other matters for writing, marking and drawing PDF
Great Britain 2006 Aug 30, 1853 Improvements in the manufacture of waterproof fabrics PDF
Great Britain 1695 Jul 15, 1853 Improvements in the manufacture of beds, seats, and other hollow flexible articles to contain air PDF
Great Britain 1688 Jul 15, 1853 Improvements in spreading of applying india rubber or compositions of india rubber on fabrics PDF
Great Britain 1725 Jul 28, 1855 Improvements in the manufacturing for floors when compounds of india rubber are used PDF