Library Policies

Bierce Library Classroom Usage Policy

Bierce Library Classroom Usage Policy for rooms 61, 154, 274, and 279


•The instructor workstation and supporting equipment in 279 are secured with alarms, locks and cables and are accessible for use without a key.

•Desktop computers and the instructor workstation in Room 61 are secured with locks and cables and are accessible for use without a key.

•Keys are required to access the laptops in rooms 274A and 279, and are checked-out at the Circulation Desk with a valid ID. The instructor or librarian teaching the class must check out the key. Students or graduate assistants are not permitted to check out laptop cart keys on behalf of faculty. A key cannot be exchanged directly between instructors in back-to-back classes. A key must first be returned to the Circulation Desk, and then properly checked out to the next person scheduled for the room.

•The person checking out the key is also responsible for the safe return of all laptops during the usage period, and must ensure that the cart is locked once all laptops have been returned.

Scheduling and Usage: Notify Joe Williams, UL Dean’s Office, at 330-972-8250 or e-mail to schedule or cancel room reservations.

Non-UA groups are not permitted to schedule any classrooms in Bierce.

Open Use Policy: Bierce classrooms will remain open for general usage by students when not being used for a previously-scheduled class or meeting, and projection equipment will also be available for student usage. Classroom laptops will remain secured and locked in their carts when they are not specifically requested for use during a class. Classroom laptops will not be made available for general usage during open periods.

Note: It may be beneficial to allow some extra preparation time before the start of a class to ensure the room is cleared and ready.

Computer Support and Technical Issues:

Technical problems with the classroom laptops will be reported and tracked via Footprints.

For immediate assistance, help can be contacted at the following phone numbers, depending on the issue:

•Technical Support (this would include loading additional software onto laptops): 330-972-6111

•Projection and Sound: 330-972-7811, Audio-Visual Services.

Rev. 4/1/11