Home to one of the oldest traditional alternating Co-op programs in the country, Engineering at the University of Akron offers students the opportunity to include valuable work experience with respectable academics.


Scope and Purpose:

This fund is established to support the interdisciplinary serials serving the various engineering departments. While all the serials in this collection are recognized as important to engineering, the subjects covered in them are not as specific as the curricular interests of the various engineering departments.


The curricula covered by this collection is the curricula of the engineering and technology departments as described in the collection development policies for the individual departments.

Geographical Coverage:

The Geographical Coverage is about 60 percent United States, fifteen percent Europe, ten percent Japan, and five percent U.S.S.R.


English is about eighty-five percent of the Language of the collection while the remainder is confined to Russian, German, French, and Japanese.

Period Coverage:

Nearly all of the journals in this collection are kept on an indefinite basis.

Publication Types:

Only journals, proceedings, transactions, symposia, and newsletters are collected under this policy.


Printed Formats including microform are the only ones collected.

Remote Sources:

Remote Sources are not important to this policy but are addressed on the policies of the individual departments.


No serials will be acquired on this fund which are identifiable with the policy of a single department.