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Alfin Rubber Materials of Dr. J. D. D'Ianni

This collection contains materials related to the development of Alfin rubber. J. D. D'Ianni, of the Research Division of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company along with Dr. Avery A Morton of M.I.T., worked on the development and usage of this synthetic rubber. Includes reports, graphs, tables, and correspondence.

Baldwin, Frank B. Papers

Frank B. Baldwin was an employee of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company under their flight operations department and later their astronautics and undersea warfare sales department. He also served as a pilot and personal aide to Paul W. Litchfield, president and later CEO and Chairman of Board of Goodyear. Included in the papers are photograph albums, logs, and subject files from his 34 years at Goodyear in addition to numerous Goodyear related film strips, slides, published materials, and artifacts.

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Collyer, John L.

News clippings and photographs of Mr. Collyer, former president of BF Goodrich Company.

Firestone, Elizabeth Parke

The papers collected by Elizabeth Parke Firestone (wife of Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.) include: correspondence, materials relating to clubs and interests of Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., speeches, writings, materials regarding Twin Oaks (the family's Akron residence), family photographs, miscellaneous medals and awards, phonodisks, and news clippings.

Flickinger, Maynard L. Papers

The Maynard L. Flickinger Papers were created while Flickinger worked for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.’s Aeronautics Department, Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation, and Goodyear Aircraft Corporation.  The papers predominantly contain photographs and printed materials pertaining to an airship design or airship travel, especially the USS Akron and the USS Macon.

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General Tire and Rubber Company Records

The General Tire and Rubber Company was founded by Akron natives William O’Neil and Winfred E. Fouse.  Opening their first production plant in East Akron on September 29, 1915, the new company began making just repair materials for tires, but moved on to produce their own brand of tires, becoming the fifth major manufacturer of tires in the United States, expanding into other industrial fields along the way.  General Tire’s discovery of oil-extended rubber in 1949 would cause a major legal debate over patent rights with larger tire manufacturers. The bulk of these records relate to the major legal court cases involving General Tire and several of the other major rubber companies (both national and international) over the patent rights to the use of oil-extended rubber.  They contain court records, exhibits, technical reports, manufacturers literature, and other material, both original and microfilm.

Goodrich, (B.F.) Company

Board of Director's minutes; annual reports; journals, ledgers, and other accounting records of the parent company, various domestic subsidiaries, and BFGoodrich International; advertising material; publications and news releases; speeches by corporate officials; registrations of patents and trademarks; research center reports and other files; product information; photographs and films.

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Records

Correspondence, annual reports, financial reports, news releases and publicity, advertising, historical materials, materials relating to company history, historical materials relating to Charles Goodyear, audio-visual materials, photographs, scrapbooks, publications, aviation materials, materials relating to labor relations, employee activities, products files, materials relating to plants, plantations, realty and property, public relations, racing, scrapbooks, photograph albums, and news clippings.

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Records, Aviation Series

The materials consist of documents (e.g., correspondence, press releases, reports, press clippings), photographs, publications, blueprint drawings, videotapes, and small artifacts primarily from – or created by – the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Public Relations Dept. and maintained in the corporate archives. The records are arranged by the following topics: Airplanes, Airships, Balloons, Missiles/Rockets/Space and General corporate information on aviation.

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House, John D.

Correspondence and other materials of CIO field representative, principally regarding United Rubber Workers activity at the Gadsden, Alabama, plant of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Nelson, Daniel

Research material for American Rubber Workers & Organized Labor, 1900-1941. Materials include: research notes, phonotaped interviews, materials regarding the United Rubber Workers (URW), meeting minutes, manuscripts, notes and materials relating to many rubber companies, demographic studies, articles, news clippings, chapter critiques, and correspondence.

Sears, W. James

These papers offer a detailed account of the transfer of the synthetic rubber plant to private industry after World War II. The collection contains correspondence, telegrams, minutes of meetings, proposed legislation and hearings, statistics, articles from newspapers, and reports.

Seiberling, Willard P.

The Willard P. Seiberling Papers contain personal and business correspondence, drawings, photographs, negatives, blueprints, and legal documents from one of the members of Akron's "founding families" of the rubber and tire industry. While not a complete record of Willard Seiberling's business activities at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. and Seiberling Rubber Co., it does give some insight into his work at these companies as well as his interest in railroads and aviation.

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Semon, Waldo

Materials from Semon's years as a research chemist for BFGoodrich, including experiment notebooks, research notes, correspondence, and general files relating to rubber research arranged by topic.

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Shilts, W. D.

Correspondence, clipping file and research notes of William Delbert Shilts, official of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, including a manuscript history of the company, 1898-1927.

Shoman, Edward C. Papers

Edward C. Shoman was the marketing manager of big tire sales at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. Included in the papers are business correspondence, reports, and personal notes from his 34 years at Goodyear in addition to numerous Goodyear related photographs, slides, video tapes, and published materials that mostly document Goodyear's off-the-road tires.

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Stan Hywet Hall Foundation, Inc.

This collection consists of business records, correspondence concerning funding, profile of the executive director, John Paolano, minutes of meetings, and publications concerning Stan Hywet.

Talalay Foam Rubber

Agreements, correspondence, journals, proposals, patents, formulae and process descriptions, blueprints, photographs, and sample rubber products relating to the Talalay Foam Rubber process for manufacturing latex foam rubber. Chronicles the history and development of this invention which revolutionized the foam rubber industry.

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