Searching CINAHL for Articles in Nursing Journals


  1. Connect to resources
  1. Click on title "CINAHL plus with full text"
  2. Select "Advanced Search"
  3. Type "nursing" in top search box
  4. Using adjoining drop down menu set "Select a Field" to "SB Journal Subset"
  5. Type keyword(s) (Examples: holistic OR geriatric OR anesthesia)
  6. Type "United States" in third search box
  7. Set limits
  • Full Text
  • English Language
  1. Search
  2. Select PDF of an article to match personal interest and course requirements
  • Review title and read abstract - does it match your interests and satisfy course requirement?
  •  Is the author a nurse? Some PDFs display the author's credentials. If possible, select this type.
  • If credentials do not display, search the author's name using Google to identify professional credentials. You will need to print and turn in documentation which displays author's credentials.
  1. Read and print article. A copy must be turned in with the assignment.
  2. Print any additional supporting documentation to confirm that at least one author of selected article is a nurse.