Finding Geoscience Data Sets


Get tips on how to find geoscience data sets.

I need to find a Data Set and I don't know where to start.

I have provided links to access some data sets.

How do I locate more datasets?

Evaluate Data

It is important to evaluate Web sites/data sets to ensure their integrity. See How to Critically Evaluate Web Sites. Additional Criteria for evaluating data sets include

  • What method was used to collect data?
  • What is the data quality management scheme used by this organization?

Earth System Science Data is a journal dedicated to the peer-reviewed publication of data sets. See their data management scheme.

Searching for Data

Many data sets can be found using Google...Just be sure to evaluate data (see section above). The advanced search can be used to search government or organization Web sites

    Data geoscience OR

or use it to search USGS

    Data geosciences

USGS has a real-time data page, which was found from a Google search

Experiment with keywords to locate the dataset that you want.

Looking for other government data? Try

I found a data set referenced in a paper. How do I locate it?

The project that resulted in the data set or the organization responsible for the data set might have a Web site. It could be available electronically or you could contact the organization and they might provide a copy to you.