Looking for current demographic information?

As data from the 2010 Census is released, it is made available through American FactFinder 2. Use the search tools to select the location and type of data you need. This tool also includes the most recent population estimates.

The legacy version of American FactFinder is the primary portal for data from the 2000 census, the American Community Survey (2003-present), and the 1990 census. Try the Fact Sheet navigator or use the "get data" link under the survey you need. For most general demographic questions, Summary File 1 (SF 1) Quick Tables will be the most helpful option.

For help getting started, check out the Finding 2010 Census Data guide.

Looking for older demographic information?

The Historical Census Browser allows the user to browse historical demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau. For more complete statistics, try the PDF version of the Census of Population and Housing.

To locate our print holdings, see Locating historical decennial census data in Bierce Library.

Looking for genealogy materials?

The census schedules for the region are available in the Government Documents Microforms area, beginning with I 7.5:. Please see the Reference Desk or the Government Documents Librarian for assistance with locating and using these materials.

Looking for something else?

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is an excellent starting point for any demographic research query concerning the United States.