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"The Defense Technical Information Center, DTIC®, serves the DoD community as the largest central resource for DoD and government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today.

Special interests include:

  • Biometrics
  • Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear
  • Disruptive Technology
  • DoD Related Security and Technology Documents
  • Energetic Materials
  • Energy Supply Alternatives
  • Future Force Warrior
  • Homeland Defense
  • Improvised Explosive Devices - IEDs / Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices - VBIEDs
  • Military Operations Research Society - MORS - Studies and Analysis Database
  • Mine Resistant Ambush Protected - MRAP - Vehicles & Personnel Carriers
  • NATO Research and Technology Organization - RTO & Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development - AGARD - Documents
  • Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory - NAMRL
  • Network-Centric Warfare Collection
  • Terrorism / Anti-Terrorism"
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"eFunda stands for engineering Fundamentals. Its mission is to create an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals can quickly find concise and reliable information to meet the majority of their daily reference needs.

eFunda is all about the basics, for most part, that means college level material covered in engineering schools. If you practice engineering, more often than not you would find yourself searching for something you knew but could not quite remember. eFunda wants to be your reminder of these formulas. Not only that, eFunda wants to tell you exactly under what conditions those formulas apply, so you don't have to read an entire chapter of the good old textbook.

The engineering world is full of formulas. This is a dangerous thing. Most of us are so used to using a certain formula to solve a familiar problem that we forget that each formula has its limitations. Often neglected are the assumptions taken when the formula was derived in the first place. In engineering, mis-applying a formula sometimes is much worse than not knowing any formula at all. As experienced engineers, the staff of eFunda recognizes this danger and strives to provide the most precise technical information that anyone could find on the web.

Our obsessions are accuracy and simplicity. If we can't summarize a topic in a few pages with the information that you can readily apply to your project at hand, you may as well read a book. Our goal is to save our audience precious time." from web site

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Search for patents using the EP (EPO - last 24 months), WIPO (WO - last 24 months), or the Worldwide database. The Worldwide database contains patents from over 80 countries and regions with different coverage years for individual countries.

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Search the full-text of US patents provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO .

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" is a knowledge portal specially designed for civil engineering professionals and students. It has two goals in mind: 1) collect and catalog valuable civil engineering relevant Internet resources so that people can find information fast; 2) explore how to take advantage of Internet technology to serve the civil engineering community.

Since it started as a web directory of civil engineering in 1999, has been growing quickly. Now it offers:

  • News Center - It hosts civil engineering news, IT news, big project information and recent civil engineering failures.
  • Career Center - It contains best job search sites, PE exam guide, academic department index and virtual bookshelf.
  • Tools Center - It offers convenient online tools such as unit conversion, stock quote and local weather.
  • Resource Center - It is a collection of valuable web resources in civil engineering. The web directory is organized by hundreds of technical topics. The search engine indexes more than 15,000 web documents in the area of civil engineering. Other resources, such as famous civil engineers and landmarks, should be of interest to users." from web site

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RefWorks is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that allows you to create your own personal database by importing references from text files or online databases. You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.

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