Emergency Management and Response

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This resource replaces FedStats.gov, which was last updated in 2007.

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The Department of Homeland Security's mission is to unify and direct the national effort to protect the country. The major focuses of the agency include:

  • Preparedness and Response
  • Travel Security
  • Information Sharing and Analysis
  • Research
  • Immigration
  • Prevention and Protection
  • Commerce and Trade

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"Advising on building codes and flood plain management...teaching people how to get through a disaster...helping equip local and state emergency preparedness...coordinating the federal response to a disaster...making disaster assistance available to states, communities, businesses and individuals...training emergency managers...supporting the nation's fire service...administering the national flood and crime insurance programs...the range of FEMA's activities is broad indeed and spans the life cycle of disasters.

The disaster life cycle describes the process through which emergency managers prepare for emergencies and disasters, respond to them when they occur, help people and institutions recover from them, mitigate their effects, reduce the risk of loss, and prevent disasters such as fires from occurring.

And at every stage of this cycle you see FEMA -- the federal agency charged with building and supporting the nation's emergency management system." from web site

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