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The Census Bureau's Subjects A-Z is a starting point for locating data collected by the Federal government. Use USA.gov or another search engine to locate up-to-date information or to find resources not listed here.

This resource replaces FedStats.gov, which was last updated in 2007.

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Major resources available through the U.S. House of Representatives web site include:

  • Currently on the House Floor
  • Access the Laws of the United States
  • Find a Bill, Amendment, or Debate
  • Find Vote Information
  • What does the House do?
  • Find your Representative

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Major resources available through the U.S. Senate web site include:

  • Session Schedule
  • Scheduled Hearings
  • Active Legislation
  • Votes
  • Floor Schedule
  • Virtual Reference Desk
  • Public Disclosure
  • Nominations
  • Statistics and Lists
  • Daily Digest, Senate Calendar, Executive Calendar
  • The Capitol Camera

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"The Congressional Directory is the official directory of the U.S. Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP). Published since 1888, the Congressional Directory presents short biographies of each member of the Senate and House, listed by state or district, and additional data, such as committee memberships, terms of service, administrative assistants and/or secretaries, and room and telephone numbers. It also lists officials of the courts, military establishments, and other Federal departments and agencies, including D.C. government officials, governors of states and territories, foreign diplomats, and members of the press, radio, and television galleries.

According to the U.S. Code (44USC721), the Congressional Directory is made available during the first session of each new Congress. In addition, the database for the current Congress is updated irregularly, as changes are provided by the JCP." from web site

The online version includes the directories back to the 104th Congress (1995-96).

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The suite includes the online version of the CQ Researcher. Also available is an online version of the CQ Weekly, covering the years 1983 to the present. The set also inlcudes four subject-specific reference databases: CQ Press Congress Collection, CQ Press Supreme Court Collection, CQ Press Public Affairs Collection, and CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection, each a destination of its own. With enhanced content and advanced search functionality, CQEL offers online editions of eight essential reference books: California Political Almanac, Congress and the Nation, the Historic Documents series, Political Handbook of the World, Politics in America, Supreme Court Yearbook, Vital Statistics on American Politics, and the Washington Information Directory. CQEL also includes the foundational reference resource, CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government.

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CQ Press Political Reference Suite of Online Editions integrates many of CQ Press's acclaimed reference titles on government and politics into a user-friendly, electronic format that offers a number of Web-enabled features that makes navigating this wealth of content intuitive and easy.

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"As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the United States Government Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. It also includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees. The Manual begins with reprints of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

A typical agency description includes:

  • A list of officials heading major operating units.
  • A summary statement of the agency's purpose and role in the Federal Government
  • A brief history of the agency, including its legislative or executive authority.
  • A description of its programs and activities.
  • Information, addresses, and phone numbers to help users locate detailed information on consumer activities, contracts and grants, employment, publications, and other matters of public interest.

The Manual is published as a special edition of the Federal Register (see 1 CFR 9.1). Its focus is on programs and activities. Persons interested in detailed organizational structure, the regulatory documents of an agency, or Presidential documents should refer to the Federal Register or one of its other special editions." from web site

This database includes the U.S. Government Manual for 1995-96 and later.

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"The U.S. Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government." from web site

GPO Access includes large collections of materials related to the current and recent activity of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government.

  • The Legislative Process: Creating Laws for the Nation
  • Congressional Materials: Committees, Calendars, & Procedures
  • Legislative Resources from Congress and Legislative Agencies
  • The Regulatory Process: Implementing Laws Passed by Congress
  • Presidential Material: Remarks, Speeches, & Executive Orders
  • Executive Publications: Reports, Investigations, Findings, etc.
  • Federal Courts: Resolve Disputes over Federal Law
  • Judicial Resources: Federal Publications and Procedures

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Ohio Capitol Connection is a frequently-updated resource for information about Ohio's state government, including politics and legislation.

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The official site of the President of the United States is a resource for information from the executive branch of the federal government. Updates include current news, press briefings, proclamations, executive orders, and radio addresses.

Biographical information on this site includes that of the previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies.

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