Study Rooms

There are 40 Study Rooms throughout Bierce Library for student use.  Rooms are available for individual or group study.  Maximum capacity for most rooms is 4. Students may use any room that is not occupied or may book a room online through the catalog. Online reservations must be done by midnight for the next day.


  • Wireless internet access
  • Wired network connections

Click one of the links below to go to the booking page for the the corresponding Study Room. You will need to log in using your UANet ID and password.

Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor
53A 156A* 252A 352A
54A 156B* 253A  353E
54B 156C* 253E (Adaptive)** 354A
54C 156D* 254A (Adaptive)** 354B
76B 169A* 254B 355A
76A 169B* 255A 376A
    277B 376B
    278A 377A
    278D 377B

* These rooms come equipped with an Epson Interactive Projector and dry erase surface.

** These rooms come equipped with enlarged keyboards, 22 inch widescreen monitors, speakers, adjustable desks, a document magnifier, JAWS, and Kurzweil.