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A 2-decomposable braid in the second lower central subgroup of the pure braid group.

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Mathematician has once again been rated the number one career choice of 2014. UPDATE: The top 6 from the best jobs of 2015 include actuary, mathematician, statistician and data scientist. Find out in person at some of our frequent career talks.

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...is used to find real solutions. We can create mathematical models of almost anything — complex molecules, ecosystems, or the economy. We can design new medicines and new materials, and build more efficient communication devices and more secure networks. We can decode a genome and decipher its history. We can make better environmental and financial decisions.

Applied mathematicians use mathematics to solve problems in science and engineering. We set up equations, solve them directly or approximately with a pencil or a program, and then interpret the results. Theoretical mathematicians explore beyond the physical models. We create new mathematics by discovering underlying logical structures, geometries, patterns and symmetries.

With a degree in mathematics or applied mathematics you can work in virtually any field— in the public, academic and industrial sectors. Math majors have the skills employers want!

Announcements for Spring 2016

  • Save the date! The PME induction ceremony and the Math Department banquet, hosted by PME, WIM and SIAM is planned for May 3 this year. That’s a Tuesday evening! Dinner starts at 6pm and festivities, including the induction of our newest PME honor society members, start at about 6:45. Banquet location is in Quaker Station. Please RSVP to Stefan or Malena. Dinner is $15 per person. Please also help spread the word: if you have the email of alumni or friends of the Math Department please forward this invitation to them!
  • Wednesday April 6th at 3:15-4:15 pm in CAS 144: Wanda Strychalski, from Case Western Reserve University, will speak on: Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Blebbing
  • Join Pi Mu Epsilon! Anyone can join the student org as a math club member and then apply for honor society membership.
  • PDE and Applied Math seminar Thursday 03/17/16. Artem Zvavitch of Kent State University will continue to speak on "Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities for different measures." The seminar starts at 1:00pm in CAS 220 D.
  • The UA Algebra Seminar will meet Fridays March 18, April 1 and April 8 from 3:20 to 4:10 in CAS 220D. Jeff Riedl will speak on Doubly-invariant subgroups of an abelian 3-group of 3-by-3 matrices.
  • Pi day celebration: 3:00 on Monday March 14 in CAS 220 (but in order to appropriately celebrate, we will not start the party until 3:14 pm). Also at 4:00 pm The Imitation Game will be shown in CAS 240.
  • The UA Algebra Seminar will meet Friday March 11 from 3:20 to 4:10 in CAS 220D. Dr. Hung Tong-Viet of Kent State University will speak on Brauer characters of q'-degrees
  • Tuesday 03/08/16. Artem Zvavitch of Kent State University will speak on "Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities for different measures." The seminar starts at 2:30pm in CAS 220D
  • A Major Award has been received!
  • The UA Algebra Seminar will meet Friday February 19 and 26 from 3:20 to 4:10 in CAS 220D. JP Cossey will speak on "The minimal number of characters in a block of a finite (solvable) group"
  • WIM Lecture Series
    Lola Thompson from Oberlin College
    February 24th at 3:15pm, CAS 144 Title: Twin primes and their kin
  • SIAM Student Chapter Seminar
    David Martin, Chief Data Scientist at ROOT will come to UAkron and give a presentation in the SIAM Seminar on Friday March 11th at 3:30-4:20 pm in LH 312.
    The title of the talk is: What does a mathematician do at a car insurance company?
  • WIM Lecture Series
    Wanda Strychalski from Case Western Reserve
    April 6th at 3:00pm
  • Wednesday, March 2nd at 5:30pm, CAS 108 American Greetings is planning a visit to UA to discuss intern and job opportunities for graduate students in Statistics and Mathematics.
  • Women in Math Valentine’s Day Outing! Join us for food and fun on Wednesday, February 10th at 5:30pm. Meet in the CAS Atrium and go to The Lockview from there! RSVP to Makayla Tyree.
  • Support your peers!
    Mackenzie Jones and Oliver Evans will give talks at the PME YSU Regional Conference on Feb. 20th.
    They will practice their talks on Friday Feb. 12th at 3:30pm in CAS 240.
  • REU Summer Programs 2016
    Still looking for Undergraduate Research Opportunities this summer, here is a link to a list of REU programs with topics and deadlines. Notice that some application deadlines are coming soon.
  • The UA Algebra Seminar will meet Fridays: January 29, Feb 5 and 12 from 3:20 to 4:10 in CAS 220D. Corey Lyons of Kent State University will speak on: Induced characters with equal degree constituents.
  • More Seminars and Colloquia are currently scheduled in algebra, combinatorics and PDE's.
  • We have now an official SIAM Student Chapter.
  • The Women In Mathematics group is hosting seminars this semester by female mathematicians on their research and career opportunities.

Announcements for Fall 2015

  • The Department of Mathematics hosted a career seminar by Ms. Ginny Gegick of Aon Hewitt on December 3rd from 3:30 to 4:30 in LH 312. Ms. Gegick, a UA alumna, works as a retirement actuary for Aon Hewitt. She will talk about what retirement actuaries do.
  • Thursday November 5th, 2015 at 3:30pm Where: Leigh Hall 312 Speaker: Michelle Clem, NASA Glenn Research Center Title: The Critical Role of Math in Flow Visualization Techniques
  • Friday October 2, 5:30pm. The annual fall picnic at Sand Run Park Mingo pavilion (map) was hosted by the math department faculty and student groups: PME, WIM and SIAM. Thanks to all 41* attendees for making it a terrific event! *This number includes at most 3 deer.
  • September 23, 12 pm. Progressive Insurance: Big Data in the Workplace Speaker Series. Student Union Room 335, *Refreshments and snacks will be served!*
  • The UA Algebra Seminar will meet on Friday September 25 from 9:55 to 10:45am in CAS 220D. JP Cossey will speak on ``Nilpotent blocks of solvable groups'' All are welcome.
  • The UA SIAM Student Chapter hosted UA math alumnus Jacob Trombetta for a talk on Friday, Sept. 11, at 1:30pm in Schrank Hall North 354 (SHN 354). Jacob will talk about his experience working at Applied Vision and the problems he has been working on.

Announcements for Spring 2015

Math Headlines

What makes a great college professor?
Kevin Kreider and Susan Young teach math with humor and clarity — and that ranks them among the top 25 college professors in the nation – in a RateMyProfessors.com survey.
Mathematicians from around the world gathering at UA Oct. 20-21
The schedule will include 21 special sessions about mathematics and math education.
Math Department Poster Session

The Math Department's Eleventh Annual Poster Session will be held on Wednesday 30 November.  It will feature over 40 student research projects in a variety of mathematical areas.

Professor serves on U.S. energy committee
Dr. Joseph Wilder has been reappointed to another two-year term on a U.S. Department of Energy advisory committee, where he provides expertise in methane hydrate computer simulation.