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A 2-decomposable braid in the second lower central subgroup of the pure braid group.


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Mathematician has once again been rated the number one career choice. (For 2014, as reported by Yahoo and Forbes.)

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...is used everywhere. With it, we can create models of almost anything — complex molecules, ecosystems, or the economy. We can design new medicines and new materials, and build more efficient communication devices and more secure networks. We can decode a genome and decipher its history. We can make better environmental and financial decisions.

Applied mathematicians use mathematics to solve problems in science and engineering, using pencil and paper as well as computers to set up and solve equations, and then interpreting the results.  Theoretical mathematicians explore beyond the physical models, creating new mathematics by discovering underlying logical structures and geometries, and novel patterns and symmetries.

With a degree in mathematics or applied mathematics, you can work in virtually any field, in the public, academic and industrial sectors.  Math majors have the skills employers want.

Announcements for Fall 2014

  • The Women In Mathematics group is hosting seminars this semester by female mathematicians on their research and career opportunities.
  • Colloquia are currently scheduled in algebra and in PDE's.

Math Headlines

What makes a great college professor?
Kevin Kreider and Susan Young teach math with humor and clarity — and that ranks them among the top 25 college professors in the nation – in a RateMyProfessors.com survey.
Mathematicians from around the world gathering at UA Oct. 20-21
The schedule will include 21 special sessions about mathematics and math education.
Math Department Poster Session

The Math Department's Eleventh Annual Poster Session will be held on Wednesday 30 November.  It will feature over 40 student research projects in a variety of mathematical areas.

Professor serves on U.S. energy committee
Dr. Joseph Wilder has been reappointed to another two-year term on a U.S. Department of Energy advisory committee, where he provides expertise in methane hydrate computer simulation.