Graduate Success Story


Brad Ayers, a 1999 graduate of The University of Akron with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature is an Independent Educational Representative. He works with K-12 Educators in Northern and Central Ohio to help them find learning resources in the areas of English Language Arts, World Languages, ESL, Math along with some other areas. Currently, he represents Mondo Publishing, Perfection Learning, Continental and Santillana USA. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the Jackson High School Academy of Global Studies.
On September 24th Brad Ayers served as a Guest Lecturer for Dr. Susan G. Colville Hall’s Instructional Techniques: Modern Languages PK-8 class. His presentation covered how technology is used in the world language classroom along with how the Common Core State Standards impact the teaching of languages. Brad is a. Over the past four and a half years Brad has spoken to over nine schools in northern Ohio about how his knowledge of Spanish has helped him in building fruitful relationships in business. Before becoming involved with educational publishing, Brad worked in international trade and has exported to over 36 foreign countries for companies in northern Ohio.. In addition to his B.A. from The University of Akron, he also holds a Master of Business Administration from Franklin University.