Academic Advising

At Orientation, you'll have a chance to meet with an adviser to talk about your class schedule and joining an academic community. Before advising, there are a few things you must do:

#1 - Complete the pre-advising worksheet at least one week before your scheduled orientation

  • The pre-advising worksheet is used by your academic adviser to help you schedule classes.
  • You will need your UAnet ID and password to log in. Your UAnet ID and password were sent to you by the Office of Admissions. If you have forgotten your password, call 330-972-6888.

#2 - Take placement tests, if required at least one week before your scheduled orientation

#3 - Complete a short survey to see if you should complete a foreign language placement test before your Advising and Registration program. To complete survey, log on to your My Akron account and click on the "Placement Testing" icon. The survey will begin from there!

  • Can't log on? Call our Computer Support Desk at (330) 972-6888 to get your UANet ID and password.

#4 - Explore academic communities

#5 - Start thinking about how many classes you want to take your first semester - follow our Finish in Time model!

  • It is critical to finish your degree in time and we are here to help you!
  • Take 15-16 credits every semester…
    • You’ll be able to finish your degree more quickly and save a lot of money if you start college right by taking 15/16 credit hours per semester and it doesn’t cost any more than just taking 12 credit hours per semester!
    • When students take 15/16 credit hours per semester, they tend to have better first-year grade point averages and are able to earn the credits needed for graduation in less time
    • You'll finish your degree in time which will help you start your career sooner so you can be earning an income more quickly
  • Use your summer semesters so that you average 30-32 credits per year.
  • When you don't Finish in Time – it costs a lot of money!
    • Cost of an extra year in college = your (forgone) first year salary in a job + your expenses (extra tuition, fees, books) minus what you will make working part-time as a student = an average cost of $52,600! Wouldn't you rather have that in your pocket?

Note: If you have changed your major since you received your admit letter, contact the Office of Admissions at 330.972.7100.

Your Gold and Blue Preview

Your Gold and Blue Preview is Here! Didn't catch all of the information from Your Gold and Blue Preview on your Orientation Day? Not a problem! You can view the entire presentation, here.