Placement Testing

Placement tests help determine the right classes for you. Before you attend orientation, there are a few things to do:

Step 1 UA will review your ACT or SAT test scores and determine which COMPASS tests are required. The email you received with your Advising & Registration Date will tell you which COMPASS placement tests you need to take, if needed.

Step 2

Complete your COMPASS placement tests at least 3 business days prior to your orientation date. (If you are required to take placement tests, tests MUST be completed before orientation in order to attend the orientation program.)

How can I complete my placement tests?

Note: Additional math testing is required for the following majors:

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Geology

Placement Test FAQs

What is COMPASS testing?

COMPASS is a computer based testing system used by The University of Akron to determine appropriate placement in first semester courses. Learn more about COMPASS.

Am I required to take a COMPASS test?

COMPASS tests are required based on your ACT or SAT scores and your major, and will help us place you in the right class.

This chart indicates the highest level course you are permitted to take, based on your ACT or SAT test scores and your major.

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score Course Placement
28-higher 630-higher Calculus 3450: or 2030:255
24-27 560-629 Pre-calculus 3450:149 or 3450:215
22-23 531-559 College Algebra 3450:145 
Basic Statistics 3470:260, 3470:261
21-lower 530-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
Biology Majors
23-lower 560-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
Engineering & Additional Science majors*
27-lower 629-lower COMPASS Math Test Required
ACT English Score SAT Verbal Score Course Placement
28-higher 610-higher English Composition II 3300:112
25-27 570-600 English Composition I 3300:111 (Honors)
18-24 430-560 English Composition I 3300:111
17-lower 420-lower COMPASS Writing Test Required
ACT Reading Score SAT Verbal Score Course Placement
16-higher 410-higher No COMPASS Reading Test required
15-lower 409-lower COMPASS Reading Test Required

*Additional majors requiring math testing: All engineering disciplines, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and others if indicated on enrollment packet or requested by advising.

Do I need to come to the main campus to take a COMPASS test?

No. You can test at a branch location. Choose from:

Or you can find a remote test center closer to home:

Visit the ACT site to find a remote testing center

Note: Some remote testing centers may charge a fee. Arrange the test at the location of your choice by calling us at 330-972-6511.

What if I didn't take the ACT or SAT test?

If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, or your test scores are not on file with The University of Akron, you will be required to take COMPASS tests in math, writing, and reading.

I took the COMPASS test for Post-secondary classes. Do I need to take the test again?

We can use your Post-secondary COMPASS test scores if they are less than one year old.

I need accommodations for my placement tests. What is available?

Accommodations may include a quiet testing environment, test reader services, or alternative testing formats such as Braille. Contact the Office of Accessibility at 330-972-7928, to request accommodations.

I took the AP test in high school. What should I do with those scores?

Bring your score report to orientation. If your orientation occurs before you receive your score report, tell your academic adviser so that adjustments can be made when scores are received.

Do you accept CLEP scores?

UA currently accepts passing CLEP scores for many general education courses. Learn more.

Can I take a foreign language test for college credit?

Students who have taken several years of foreign language in high school, or who are fluent in a second language, may choose to test for bypass credit. Learn more.

My ACT or SAT test scores don't adequately reflect my academic abilities and I was placed into a lower level course. What can I do?

You can take a COMPASS test to try to place into a higher level course with written permission from your adviser.