Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the list below to get an insight on some of our most frequently asked questions. If your concern is not on the list feel free to stop by our office for more information on off campus life!

Off-campus Student Services and the Off-campus Student Assistant Program offer the following services for students:

  • Commuter Lounge and kitchenette
  • Television
  • Website with current information, updates on commuter issues and links to relevant offices and departments
  • Newsletter, The Scoop
  • Commuter activities and events

Please visit Off-campus Student Services on the first floor of the Student Union or contact a student assistant with any questions or concerns at 330-972-8690.

There are multiple full-time staff members to advocate for off-campus student concerns, provide educational programming, and assist in reducing the challenges that off-campus students may face.

The full-time staff members stay in touch with the needs and the difficulties that off-campus students are confronted with when attending The University of Akron. The full-time staff member offices can be found on the first floor of the Student Union, in the Off-Campus Student Services area. You may also contact the Assistant Director for Off-Campus Student Services, Denise Montanari at or 330-972-2374.

Just as a Resident Assistant, RA, helps resident students transition to college life, an Off-Campus Student Assistant, OCSA, does the same for students who live off-campus. The OCSAs serve as resources for first year/transfer students as they adjust to collegiate life.

The Commuter Lounge is an area designed especially to fit the needs of the commuter student. The lounge is located in the Student Union on the first floor. This area is a place for the commuter student to "hang-out," socialize, study, or eat. The lounge includes soft furniture, a television, a microwave, and study/dining tables. Utilizing the lounge is a great way to meet other off-campus students and keep up with events going on during the school year.

The fastest and easiest way to request a student parking permit is online. To do this, you must login to Zipline. Click on the 'Students' tab and you should see the 'Parking' link on the 'Student Services' tab. This link will take you to the permit request page. After you request a permit, you should receive the permit at your mailing address about a week before the semester begins. You will only be able to add a permit to your student account until the deadline for that semester. This deadline will generally be about three weeks prior to the start of classes, but the specific date will be published on Parking Services' home page. After this deadline you will have to go to the Parking Office and pick up your permit in person. For more information, visit

Here is the link for the Fall and Spring Roo Express Routes:

Here is the link for the Summer Roo Express Routes:

If you have questions on whether class and activities are being held during harsh weather, call 330-972-SNOW. This line will give you the information needed in regards to making your commute to campus.

You can use your Zipcard to:

  • Check out circulation materials at Bierce and the Law Libraries.
  • Gain access to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and the Ocasek Natatorium.
  • Receive free admission to athletic events including basketball and football games.
  • Use as a key card, if authorized, for selected buildings on campus.
  • Purchase food at any restaurant on campus and certain off-campus restaurants.
  • Purchase convenience items as well as snacks and ready-to-go foods at the convenience stores.
  • Purchase books and supplies at the campus bookstores.
  • Use in selected vending machines on campus.

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore has two locations, one on the first floor of the Student Union and one on the third floor of the Polsky building. For more information you can visit or call 330-972-7624. The University Bookstore is the primary on-campus location for textbooks and course supplies. Also available is a general selection of books, magazines, Akron apparel, snacks, cards, gifts, and more.

Barnes & Noble Hours

  • Mon - Thurs: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Fri: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sat: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The Bierce Library is located on Buchtel Commons; it is the main library building on the University's main campus. Bierce Library collects books, periodicals, indexes, computerized databases, and archival and audio-visual materials that support research in the humanities and social sciences. It is a Selective Depository Library for U.S. Government documents. For information, call (330) 972-7234 or visit their website at

The Student Union has various comfortable areas to study on its three floors, plus there is Starbucks and the Commuter Lounge. Also, academic buildings have various lounges set aside for students. Some colleges/departments may also have computers for students in their programs.

The University of Akron has partnered with OhioRideShare to help students with these needs.  For more information, please visit their website at

If you cannot find a particular building you are looking for, link to the campus map and get the precise location,

For campus-wide events, visit The University of Akron calendar at or check your e-mail for the weekly zipmail email. Both resources are consistent ways to learn more about what is happening on campus.

Certificate of mailing, shows  evidence that you sent the item when you say you did. This official record shows the date your mail was accepted. Certificates of mailing furnish evidence of mailing only.

Certified mail requires the signature of the recipient. Find out when your item was delivered or delivery was attempted.

You may stop into the Off-Campus Student Services Center or ask other commuters in the Commuter Lounge on the first floor of the Student Union, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Student Services Denise Montanari or an Off-Campus Student Assistant is available for students to speak to in person or someone will reply to your e-mail in a timely manner.