Cultural Partner Program

The Cultural Partner Program is a program that pairs internationals at UA with U.S. students, faculty and staff. The partners meet once a week at a time they decide on to share a conversation, have dinner, play sports, watch a movie or anything they would like to do!

This is a wonderful opportunity for all participants to:

  • Build sincere friendships across national borders
  • Develop unique cultural perspectives
  • Improve intercultural communication skills

After signing up, staff in the OIP will match partners based on the information they provided. OIP staff will try their best to pair each participant with someone with similar interests. The program coordinator will then send each participant an e-mail with the contact information for his/her partner. The e-mail will also include information about the opening social event. Partners need to get in contact with each other as soon as possible and determine if both participants will be attending the social. However, if a partner is not able to attend due to class, that partner needs to let his/her partner know. The partners can then go ahead and set up their first meeting when both are available.

Requirements for Partners:

  • Maintain excellent communication with one another
  • Meet with each other once a week for one hour; however, OIP will allow for meetings to occur once every two weeks for one hour


If you are an INTERNATIONAL at UA, please sign up here: International Applicants
If you are from the UNITED STATES, please sign up here: U.S. Applicants

It is very important that you fill in the correct form!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Soyeong Kim- or 330-972-3503