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Kaifeng, China

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Dating as far back as 364 BCE, Kaifeng sits on the banks of the Huang He (Yellow River) and is one the Seven Ancient Capitals of China. Kaifeng is also home to the oldest existing Jewish community in China. 

Henan University was founded in 1912, soon after the revolution that ended imperial rule in China, as The Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America. Today it has 40,000 students and offers over 70 undergraduate programs. 

Terms Available:

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
  • Academic Year

Language of Instruction: 

  • Mandarin
  • English 

Language Proficiency Requirement: 

Students wishing to study subjects other than Chinese language and culture must have at least two years of university-level Chinese language instruction. 

Subjects Available:

  • Chinese Language and Literature 

Subjects Available by Special Request:

  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • Economics and Trade
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Science 

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Estimated Total Costs:

Estimated Costs – Henan University [link to file] 

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