Costs and Additional Considerations

OLA Mentors

In contrast with most fellowship programs, costs would be minimal to both home and host institutions. Participants remain under the full-time employment of home institutions, with one day each week (probably Friday) reserved for weekly residency at the host institution. Home institutions are expected to support their OLA participants. A modest $1,000 (minimum honorarium) is recommended to cover transportation and conference costs, as well as recommended books and materials. 

Other Considerations
Beyond the advantages of the weekly visits to host institutions and the structured meetings, OLA fellows are encouraged to participate in state events such as visits to the Board of Regents, other Ohio's colleges and universities, and to state leaders who are responsible for higher education matters. OLA fellows or participating institutions may sponsor seminars/workshops to further address state higher education issues, administrative values, personal development opportunities, etc. Sponsoring institutions will cover the costs of such events.