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The Ohio Leadership Academy activities are temporarily suspended for academic year 2012-2013.  For questions please contact the Inter-University Council of Ohio (http://www.iuc-ohio.org/)

Ohio Leadership Academy
A program of the Ohio Inter-University Council

Thank you for visiting the Ohio Leadership Academy (OLA) website. The increasing complexity of higher education environment in Ohio and the growing demand for informed leaders to manage our academic enterprises necessitates an efficient, flexible, effective development program to meet the needs of Ohio's public colleges and universities. To respond to this need, the Ohio Inter-University Council has established OLA to provide leadership development opportunities for faculty seeking entry level academic administrative positions. This website houses OLA's information materials. Interested individuals will find this website helpful.

 OLA  Administrator  Ohio Program Administrator 2009-2012
  Dr. Cynthia Flynn Capers
  Previously: Special Assistant to the Provost
  Coordinator, Academic Leadership Initiatives
  Dean, College of Nursing and Interim Dean, College of Education
  Currently: Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Dean