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The Ohio Leadership Academy program has three main components; meetings/retreats, mentorships, and individual projects. The meetings will be held at the beginning, midpoint and end of the year-long program. The goal of these meetings is to enable opportunities for structured group learning and network building. Each meeting/retreat is a one-day event.

The second component of the program consists of a mentorship experience through weekly site visits to the host institutions. The weekly visits will typically take place on Friday; however other arrangements can be made to accommodate the schedules of the mentee and mentor. While leadership fellows work primarily with assigned administrators as mentors, the visits to the host institution could include selective "shadowing" of other academic administrators such as the president and the provost. Other aspects of the mentorship could be briefings on institutional structure and administrative issues, participation in meetings, and work on special projects. Fellows are encouraged to attend events and lectures that are occurring at the host institution that might augment leadership development.

The third component consists of individual projects undertaken during the fellowship period. Each leadership fellow will negotiate with his/her mentor at the host institution a specific project of interest to the host institution and perhaps to the home institution. All projects are expected to address issues within the expertise and interest of fellows.