Sign Making Services: Parking Services would like to assist you in making the signs you need, whether they are name plate inserts, large outdoor directional signs or anything in between. For more information please call Chuck Ferrell at 330-972-6833.


Vehicle Towing Policy:
Any vehicle parked within the perimeter of a construction area may be towed at the owners expense by the construction company.

Parking Services will tow a vehicle if it is parked in such a way that it blocks in another person's vehicle.

These cars are towed only when there is a signed complaint. A towing is performed without a signed complaint if the vehicle is leaking gasoline, suspected to be abandoned, or needs to be removed for some other valid reason.

If a vehicle is in an ADA accessible space without valid disability placard displayed, is displaying a forged, stolen, or altered permit, or for other illegel activity, the UAPD may tow the vehicle.

Vehicles are usually towed to:
Greg's Towing
171 Kelly Ave.


Motorist Assistance:
Motorist assistance is offered through the UAPD. Should you need assistance, please call them at 330-972-7263.