The project work environment at The University of Akron which we support is dynamic and fast-paced. Our projects must deal with dynamic business scenarios and sometimes unclear customer requirements. It is the Project Manager’s job to manage uncertainty and change in a manner that does not negatively affect the outcome of their projects. The University of Akron ITS Request Management Process Framework was built to make the Project Manager’s job a little easier. This process contains definitions, guidelines and templates for the various project management activities undertaken to deliver successful projects. We live in very tight fiscal times, short-staffed organizations, burgeoning requests for our services, and often times unrealistic schedule deadlines. Given this environment, we cannot afford to perform activities that do not add value to the final deliverables of our projects. As such, our project management approach was designed to support our ability to complete quality work at the lowest cost, in the shortest period of time, with the requisite level of quality. The project management processes focus on those activities, which are clearly value-added.

The Project Management Office built the Project Management Process Framework, which is a tailored project management methodology to enable project leaders to focus on those processes that bring value. Our methodology:

  • Provides a common language for communicating about the function of project management within the organization
  • Encourages collaboration prior to the start of any formal project work
  • Establishes a means for managing projects more efficiently
  • Enables the tracking of progress against pre-determined metrics and facilitates standardized reporting
  • Leads to effective project outcomes in support of institutional strategies and objectives
  • Builds on a set of best practices learned over time.

The Process will provide a clear communications vehicle about project management, inform key stakeholders about the process, and enable all participants to mitigate project risks. The process establishes common ground for all projects within the ITS Division at The University of Akron. With the glossary of Project Management terms, it will also ensure common terminology between different areas within The University.

A great number of people within The University have been planning, managing and executing projects for a long time. The framework exists to help build on our successes and learn from our failures. It is meant to grow our project management capabilities over time. It is important to note that the process is meant as a guide; it is not rigid and can be tailored to suit your project’s requirements. In order to follow the process, one must first understand project classification.