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State of the University speech, 2009

State of University

State of the University, 2009

Third Cycle of Expansion

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On April 21, 2009, President Proenza hosted some 250 major donors for an appreciation event at E.J. Thomas Hall's Stage Door venue. This video presentation, which premiered at the event, provides the context for the University's exceptional growth following its founding as Buchtel College in 1870 and during three subsequent, significant cycles of expansion throughout its history--thanks to great leadership and the outstanding support of generous benefactors.

News Night Akron Coverage of the New Landscape for Learning

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This 30-minute “News Night Akron” segment on the university’s New Landscape for Learning initiative features Dr. Luis Proenza, president, and Ted Curtis, vice president for capital planning and facilities management.

Broadcast on November 23, 2007. Video courtesy of Channels 45/49 WNEO/WEAO.

State of the University speech, 2007

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State of the University, 2007

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