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  • Date: 01/03/1999
  • Author: Dr. Luis M. Proenza (President, The University of Akron)
  • Members of the University Community

    I am pleased, Dear Colleagues . . .

    . . . to join you in service to The University of Akron. The campus and Greater Akron communities have offered my wife, Theresa, and me a very warm reception and we both appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I have enjoyed meeting many of you, and I look forward to getting to know all of the other members of the campus community in the weeks to come. In particular, I am eager to hear your thoughts and perspectives as we begin to create the context for advancing the obvious promise of The University of Akron.

    As we work together boldly toward a common vision, let us remember that there is no limit to what we can accomplish when we are disciplined by ambitious goals and have no need for personal credit. The future strength of this institution lies not in the authority or personality of the president, but in a campus community that works together in a common purpose.

    I need your help in all that we do -- and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for all of us.

    With every good wish,



    Luis M. Proenza

    Fifteenth President

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