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"Technology Leadership"

by Luis M. Proenza, President
The University of Akron

as Aired on WCLV Radio, Cleveland, OH - June 2001

All of us recognize the tremendous economic and societal impact of the Information Technology industry, where lightning fast changes continue to create exponential growth in capital formation and radical transformations in our work and social environments.

At The University of Akron, we are developing the technological leadership that gives our students a comparative and competitive advantage inside and outside the classroom. That is why we are rapidly expanding our partnerships with companies such as PeopleSoft, Time Warner, Cisco Systems, Tivoli, 2Way Corporation and IBM. That is why our laptop pilot program earned our law school recognition as one of the "most-wired" in the United States.

And, that is why we are creating a wireless, ubiquitous computing environment campus-wide, where we expect to have more than 20,000 laptop computers in the hands of our students, faculty and staff. Success in the knowledge economy - that's the Akron Advantage!

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