Time Collection Options

Some employees will be required by their departments to clock in their work time. Many departments have already worked with the project team to install time collection devices as part of their implementation. There will be several options available to the departments to help perform this function. These options are noted below. If you have any questions about these time collection options and the costs associated with implementing and maintaining them, please contact the Project Management Office at pmo@uakron.edu

Browser-based Webclock

As a browser-based system, WorkForce Software offers use of a WebClock as part of the employee self-service features in EmpCenter. The WebClock enables employees to punch-in, punch-out, and change account information on a personal computer. The WebClock automatically stamps the time from the server to enable employees to easily clock in and out; anywhere they have access to a browser on any authorized personal computer, laptop or workstation. This approach has lower costs associated with it compared to the specialized hardware Workforce Software offers to capture time. It also does not require the use of a cardkey to access and clock in your time.

Card key access to clock in and out can be configured for use with the browser-based Webclock with the use of a USB card reader. 

E2200 Badge Reader

The University will also offer the EmpCenter® 2200 Time Collection Terminal as an option to capture time. E2200 is a traditional time clock that allows the use of a cardkey to quickly authenticate an employee. It also has programmable function keys that allow the employee to quickly punch in and out with little interaction with the keys. It is a device that is fixed to a wall mount and costs slightly more than a new desktop computer. However, for clocking in a number of employees it provides the quickest and easiest method for clocking in time. 

Engage Tablet

The University will also offer Workforce Software’s EmpCenter Engage as an option to capture time. The Engage provides a much friendlier user interface and operates with the fastest response times for all options offered. The Engage will be secured in a hardened docking station that will also allow for the use of a cardkey for authentication purposes. However, it is portable and can be undocked and temporarily taken and used at other locations. It will work with wireless network connections and can operate for several hours on its internal battery to capture time.

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