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Progress to Vision 2020 Goals

The start of the fall 2015 semester is showing several positive enrollment trends and establishing new records at The University of Akron:

  • A 5.3% increase in new enrolled freshmen compared to last fall, totaling 4,350 students
  • A climb in new freshman average grade point average (GPA) to 3.4, the highest in school history
  • A 10% increase (636 students) in freshman Honors College enrollment, the largest enrollment in UA history; total Honors College enrollment is up 5.7% over last year
  • A 1.9% increase in Graduate School entering enrollment
  • A 26.7% increase in School of Law entering enrollment

Total first-day enrollment this fall is down 3%, as we contend with the effects of a two-year, 17% freshmen-enrollment decline in 2012 and 2013. That decline, which plateaued last year, created a traveling “dent” in our enrollment pipeline that will advance with those cohorts each year as they move toward graduation. But even that “dent” has a positive angle — it occurred primarily because of heightened admission standards that contributed to current increases in average GPAs for entering freshmen and steady average ACT scores.

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