University of Akron

Dr. William M. "Mike" Sherman

Dr. William M. (Mike) Sherman is UA's senior vice president, provost and chief operating officer.

Sherman is in his sixth year at The University of Akron.  His educational priority is student completion of a relevant degree with low debt and a job at graduation.  As a leader, he is a consensus builder and a strong believer in transparency and shared leadership.

Leader at Ohio State

Sherman joined UA in 2010, having arrived from The Ohio State University, where he served as vice provost for academic planning and professor of sport and exercise science.

At Ohio State, Sherman led strategic planning for OSU's colleges, with a primary focus on academic facilities and resources. He helped launch OSU’s academic facilities planning initiative, and he helped set the stage for implementing the university's global agenda. Sherman held reporting responsibilities for four regional campuses, University Libraries, the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, and the P-12 Project, among others. He also has provided oversight for the Targeted Investment in Excellence Initiative and the Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs grant program.

He joined OSU as an assistant professor in 1985, advanced to associate professor in 1989 and to professor in 1993. In addition to conducting research on carbohydrate metabolism and exercise and physical activity measurement, he was co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Sports Medicine from 1993 to 2007.

Sherman has earned three degrees:

  • doctor of philosophy in physical and health education (kinesiology), University of Texas;
  • master's of science in biology, Ball State University; and
  • bachelor's degree in education (health education), Ohio University.