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Dr. Cynthia Flynn Capers, special assistant to the provost and coordinator of academic leadership initiatives, leads a session of the Academic Leadership Forum.

ALF Ambassadors called to advance Akron's goals

Initiated in 2005 for the primary purpose of building the leadership capacity, the Academic Leadership Forum has produced 114 “graduates” who are now key resources for advancing the goals of the University.

Thus, instead of bringing a new class into ALF in fall 2011, attention has been directed to strategically applying the diverse leadership talent that has been developed.

The voice of ALF alumni is valued; on May 6, Provost Mike Sherman met with ALF alumni to gather information about Vision 2020 and to explore how they, as leaders within the University, can advance the University’s strategic goals.

Since the initial meeting in the spring, members of the Leadership Team have been identified (year participating in ALF is in parenthesis):

Melissa Alford-Snyder (2010-11) Student Judicial Affairs Director
Thomas Bacher (2009-10) University Press Director
Kimberly Beyer (2006-07) Center for Career Management Associate Director
Theresa S. Beyerle (2006-07) Institute for Teaching and Learning Associate Director, Service-Learning and Undergraduate Research
Heidi Cressman (2010-11) Women in Engineering, College of Engineering Director
William J. Hauser (2010-11) Marketing and International Business Associate Professor
Karin Jordan (2008-09) Department of Counseling Department Chair
William Jordan III (2008-09) Law-Instruction Associate Dean
Robert M. Schwartz (2010-11) Public Service Technology Associate Professor

Areas for collective work have been outlined that include serving as leadership ambassadors for the UA internal community and to the greater Akron regional community to promote the overarching goals and mission of the University.

One specific activity was the Akron Cares Day on Nov. 21-22, when ALF Ambassadors reached out to students to extend support for their success.

Other activities include developing a database of talent so that ALF Ambassadors can represent The University of Akron at meetings, events and boards within the region.

Intentionally tapping the leadership talent of ALF alumni empowers the group to collectively and uniquely contribute to the University’s goals of achieving student success, distinction, collaboration, community and integrated planning. ALF alumni can collectively serve as ALF Ambassadors for The University of Akron.

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