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Call for ideas: How can we make more effective and efficient use of our spaces?

Campus buildings

As the University updates the master blueprint for campus – now the subject of forums, surveys and discussions across campus – several areas of focus are emerging, including:

  • reinvestment in the academic core of the University, especially as it pertains to the goals expressed in Vision 2020;
  • improvements to pedestrian flow, transportation and parking; and
  • reductions in energy consumption.

The last master plan, completed in 1999, informed and influenced the New Landscape for Learning initiative, which has resulted in the addition of 20 new buildings, 18 major additions, acquisitions and renovations, and 34 acres of green space.

The next iteration of the master physical plan will be just as influential in the decade ahead.

As noted, approaches to reduce energy use are anticipated to be part of the final recommendations. This can be achieved a number of ways, including through making better use of existing classrooms, laboratories and meeting spaces.

As part of the ongoing effort to collect input from faculty and staff, we invite your participation online with the following question:

How to make more efficient and effective use of classrooms, labs and meeting spaces across campus?

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