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Achieving Distinction

Achieving Distinction Investment Framework

The investment framework for Achieving Distinction addresses four strategic areas: Regional Solutions; Human Condition; Health Care & Medicine; and Innovative Technologies

Vision 2020 calls for interdisciplinary research that impacts and influences the quality of life via knowledge generation and its application in an environment of innovation and entrepreneurism. In response to this objective, the Achieving Distinction initiative will invest $2M annually to targeted areas of investment including regional solutions, health care and medicine, the human condition, and innovative technologies. The initial $2M investment may result in up to a $140M investment over time.

The initiative calls for the hiring of at least 120 faculty and 40 staff in support of the interdisciplinary, innovative proposals from faculty that will be funded through the initiative over the next ten years.

A request for proposals, announced early this semester, aligns institutional investments in order to enhance and advance vital partnerships, where greater gains can be achieved through the leveraging of resources. Proposals are due no later than May 18th to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Achieving Distinction will help us to reach our goal of $200M in research expenditures by 2020.

At its core, the program upholds core principles including a commitment to cross-disciplinary research-collaboratives and curriculum design; an enhancement of the diversity of people, thoughts, and perspectives at our university; a demonstrated impact on student success; and alignment with the University’s strategic plan.

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