General Education revision

In May 2013, the General Education Revision Committee submitted its final report titled General Education Learning Outcomes and Implementation Plan.

The Committee was directed in Fall 2011 to:

  1. Integrate General Education with degree program requirements
  2. Reduce the number of General Education credits
  3. Identify multiple pathways toward General Education course completion
  4. Make greater use of minors, certificates and integrated interdisciplinary sequences of courses as well as service and experiential learning
  5. Focus on documentable excellence consistent with Higher Learning Commission expectations for The University of Akron

General Education: A Foundation for Baccalaureate Education

General Education Revision Committee Final Report Contents:

  • Working definition of General Education
  • General Education learning outcomes and assessment plan
  • Definition of General Education titles (categories) of courses
  • Credit-hour recommendations

General Education Steering Committee Final Report (5/1/13)