Important tips for online applications for admission

The Program Information section of the Graduate School application includes an item asking applicants which program they wish to pursue.

Applicants with Master’s degrees in a psychology or counseling related area should first select “College of Health Professions” and then select “Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology Ph.D.” (not “Counseling Programs,” which refers to programs in Counselor Education).

Applicants with Bachelor’s degrees in psychology or extensive psychology backgrounds should first select “BUCHTEL COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES” and then select “Counseling Psychology (M.A.-Ph.D.).” Currently, no supplemental forms are required for applicants to the Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology (the Department of Counseling forms listed are for Counselor Education).

Applicants who are interested in being considered for graduate assistantships should be sure to indicate this on the online application for admission. For additional details, please see the graduate school page.

Additional application information

If you have questions regarding the application, you may contact the staff of the Graduate School at or 330/972-7663.

If additional program information is desired, prospective students may speak to a CPCP Admissions Committee member.

  • If applying through the Department of Counseling (with Master’s degree), call 330/972-7779.
  • If applying through the Department of Psychology (with Bachelor’s degree), call 330/972-7280.

Only complete applications will be forwarded by the Graduate School to the CPCP Admissions Committee. The Committee’s review of applications will begin in January. The timeframe for the initial review varies from year to year, but typically is complete by early February. After the initial review is complete, finalists will be contacted by telephone to schedule a telephone interview, and those who are no longer being considered for admission will be notified by letter.

Following the telephone interview, finalists will be contacted to inform them of one of the following three admissions statuses:

  • offer of admission;
  • alternate for admission (may be accepted if opening becomes available); or
  • no longer being considered for admission.

Those under consideration for admission are encouraged to visit campus and/or speak with CPCP faculty and student representatives by telephone to facilitate their decision-making. In consideration for admissions alternates, those holding admissions offers are encouraged to inform the CPCP Admissions Committee as soon as possible of their decision to accept or decline their offer. All decisions MUST be made by April 15, at the latest.