Program Faculty

  • Margo Gregor, Ph.D., School of Counseling
  • Dawn Johnson, Ph.D., Dept of Psychology
  • Ronald F. Levant, Ed.D., Dept of Psychology
  • John Queener, Ph.D., Co-Training Director, School of Counseling
  • Suzette Speight, Ph.D., Co-Training Director, Dept of Psychology
  • David M. Tokar, Ph.D., Dept of Psychology
  • Charles A. Waehler, Ph.D., Dept of Psychology
  • Ingrid Weigold, Ph.D., School of Counseling

Associated Faculty

The following individuals teach courses in the CPCP curriculum or chair CPCP dissertations. All may also serve as CPCP dissertation committee members.

  • Dr. Phil Allen: Teaches Cognitive Psychology and Psychological Research Using Quantitative & Computer Methods II
  • Dr. David Baker, Director of the Center for the History of American Psychology. Teaches History & Systems in Psychology
  • Dr. Dennis Doverspike: Teaches Advanced Psychological Tests and Measures
  • Dr. Kevin Kaut: Teaches Biopsychology
  • Dr. Andrea Snell: Teaches Psychological Research Using Quantitative & Computer Methods I
  • Dr. Jan Yoder: Teaches Social Psychology

There are many other people who contribute to making the CPCP a strong program. These include other faculty and staff on campus (including the many faculty across campus who serve as CPCP dissertation committee members and additional staff of the Clinic for Individual and Family Counseling and the Counseling Center) and the supervising and administrative staff of our many off campus practicum sites in community and college counseling and medical settings. We acknowledge their important efforts with our program and are happy to share their connections with interested parties.