Frequently Asked Questions about the Counseling Psychology Program

Is there a single program in Counseling Psychology, or are there two programs at The University of Akron?

There is one program (i.e., the Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology), but given its roots in two departments, there are two entry points. Persons with a BA enter through the Department of Psychology and persons with a MA/MS enter through the Department of Counseling. There is, however, a single, APA-accredited curriculum.

Do you accept students for a terminal Master’s in Counseling Psychology?

No, we offer students who enter with a baccalaureate degree an MA after two years on the way to the PhD, but we do not offer a freestanding Counseling Psychology MA.

What sorts of financial assistance do you offer students?

We typically are able to support with graduate assistantships and tuition remissions all of our BA entry students for four years provided they remain in good standing and all of our MA entry students for three years provided they remain in good standing. The graduate assistantships may involve teaching, research or administrative responsibilities.

Is the GRE Psychology subtest required for admission?

No, the GRE Psychology subtest is no longer required, but GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores are required.