Undergraduate Psychology Careers

The following brochures can help you design your psychology major to fit the following career paths:

Top 10 Occupations of Psychology BA/BS

  1. Top- and mid-level managers, executives, administrators
  2. Sales occupations, including retail
  3. Social workers
  4. Other management-related occupations
  5. Personnel, training, labor-relations specialists
  6. Other administrative (clerks, bookkeepers)
  7. Insurance, securities, real estate,
  8. Other marketing and sales occupations
  9. Registered nurses, pharmacists, therapists, physician assistants
  10. Accountants, auditors, other financial specialists

Undergraduate Psychology Advising Office

The advisors in the Psychology Department provide consultation regarding educational and career planning, and are knowledgeable about departmental resources, services and opportunities.

The Advising Office is located in the Arts and Sciences Building Room 342.

For an appointment call 330-972-6324 or 330-972-7280 or sign up on the bulletin board across from the elevators on the third floor of the Arts and Sciences Building. 

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 University of Akron Career Center 

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    1. Graduate Psychology Careers


      Recent graduates have found employment at the following businesses:

      • Michigan State University
      • Purdue University
      • Virginia Tech
      • The University of South Florida
      • The University of Maryland
      • Baruch College
      • General Electric
      • General Motors
      • Boeing
      • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
      • Wachovia Corporation
      • Federal Express
      • FBI
      • TSA
      • U.S. Foreign Service
      • Shaker Consulting Group
      • APT, Inc.
      • DDI
      • Hogan and Associates
      • PDI
      • AON

      Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology

      The primary objective of the Collaborative Program in Counseling Psychology is to produce scientist-practitioner Counseling Psychologists who are capable of contributing to the field through practice, teaching, and research.

      Of the 43 students who became graduates of the Collaborative Program between 2002 and 2009, fully 84% had APA-accredited internships.

      Further, all of these graduates were employed upon graduation as psychologists or postdoctoral fellows. Approximately 81% of these graduates work in applied settings; 19% are in academic settings.

      The applied settings which employ our graduates include university counseling services, community mental health centers, state hospitals, private practices, and correctional settings.