Office of Research Administration (ORA) assists in:

  • Identifying funding sources
  • Developing, reviewing and endorsing grant and external proposals
  • Negotiating research agreements
  • Accepting and authorizing awards
  • Interpreting guidelines on compliance with agency and University policies

Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) assists in:

  • Coordinating invention disclosures
  • Reviewing inventions for marketability
  • Applying for and maintaining patents
  • Forming and creating strategies for startup companies
  • Licensing University technology and inventions to independent businesses



Disclosure of Invention
Check Request
Check Request for Travel Expenses
Signature Authorization
Deposit Request
Agreement for Independent Contractor Services
Revenue Allocation Agreement (Sample 1)
Revenue Allocation Agreement (Sample 2)

Policies and Procedures

UARF’s Guidelines and Procedures
UA Board Rule 3359-2-05: Research, Copyright, and Patent Policy
UA Board Rule 3359-11-18: Conduct and Ethics Policy