Industrial/Community Assistantship Program

The Industrial / Community Assistantship Program creates sponsored internships to place and partially fund graduate students at Northeast Ohio businesses.

  • Skilled graduate-student interns placed at local companies
  • UA provides a matching tuition scholarship to participating students
  • Enhances graduate education by providing tuition to students as they refine their training in practical settings

Creating an assistantship

  • Participating organizations are requested to provide one or more internships, which could be made available to multiple qualified students over several years. Here’s how it works:
  • Companies interested in participating propose how they believe their position will utilize a graduate student’s skills and further his or her education, proposals can be sent to UA’s Graduate School or to individual faculty members
  • UA helps develop the assistantship details and recommends qualified eligible students for each company to choose from
  • Directed by the company, students work 20 hours per week
  • Each assistantship should be a 9-month to one-year renewable student position beginning in August and coinciding with UA’s academic calendar
  • Stipends are based on current academic department rates and are provided to companies by UA
  • A simple contractual system handles the financial details

For more information

Mark Tausig, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Phone: 330-972-7664
Fax: 330-972-6475

Download a printable Industrial / Community Assistantship brochure.