In order to comply with federal regulations as well as to maintain eligibility for federal funding, the University requires faculty and staff to obtain institutional approval from the following committees in order to conduct research involving human subjects, animal subjects, radiation or biohazards. Please contact the committees in order to obtain additional information related to submission of protocols. 

Animal Care and Use Committee 
Dr. James Holda, Chair 
Biology Department 
Mail Code +3908 
Phone: 330-972-5116 
Alternative Contact: Emily Njus 
Phone: 330-972-5845
Biohazard Safety Committee 
Mrs. Katie Watkins, M.Ed., CRA 
Research Services & Sponsored Programs 
Mail Code +2102 
Phone: 330-972-6764
Radiation Safety Committee 
Dr. Christopher Miller, Chair 
Civil Engineering 
Mail Code +3905 
Phone: 330-972-5915 
Alternative contact: Jason McNicholas 
Phone: 330-972-5712
Institutional Review Board for 
the Protection of Human Subjects
Dr. Stephanie Woods, Chair 
College of Nursing 
Mail Code +3701 
Phone: 330-972-7854 
Alternative contact: Ms. Sharon McWhorter 
Phone: 330-972-8311

For information related to Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards, regulations on chemicals and chemical disposal, fire and building code laws and general safety concerns, contact the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety at 6866. 

In emergencies, contact the University Police at 911 on the main campus and at 8910 on the Wayne College campus. 

Please call Research Services & Sponsored Programs at 7666 if you have any questions or would like additional information. 

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