Kenneth Preston, Associate Vice President of Research and Director of Technology Transfer, leads licensing of selected technologies after patenting

Wayne Watkins, Associate Vice President of Research, coordinates University of Akron Research Foundation outreach efforts and startup strategies

Susan Dollinger, Marketing Director and Project Manager, tracks UA’s patent portfolio and markets licensable technologies

Mary Ellen Hinkle, Director of Accounting for University of Akron Research Foundation, facilitates financing and disbursement of licensing income and some sponsored research

Sharon M. Logue, Administrative Assistant

Kelly A. Bialek, Coordinator Technology Transfer & IP Management

University of Akron Research Foundation Senior Fellows

Barry Rosenbaum, Senior Fellow, interfaces with industry

Gordon Schorr, Senior Fellow, interfaces with industry

John Myers, Executive-in-Residence, assists entrepreneurs and interfaces with industry

Robert Algera, Business Development Fellow, writes grants for UARF

Wil Hemker, Project Executive, assists with commercialization of UA chemistry technology

Stanley Lang, Project Executive, coordinates compliance and regulatory issues

Edward Weil, Intellectual Property Fellow, works with UA’s patent portfolio

Deborah Graef, Administrative Assistant