Residence Hall Rates

Hall Type Cost per semester
Bulger Suite $3,687
Exchange Street Shared Single occupancy $4,721
Apartment $4,933
Honors Complex Shared Single occupancy $4,721
Double occupancy $4,165
Orr Double occupancy $3,510
Quaker Square Double occupancy $3,687
Triple occupancy $3,687
Ritchie Single occupancy $3,687
Double occupancy $3,510
Sisler-McFawn Single occupancy $3,687
Double occupancy $3,510
Spanton Double occupancy $3,510
Suite $3,687
Spicer Shared Single occupancy $4,721
Double occupancy $4,165
Triple occupancy $4,165
South Hall Shared Single occupancy $4,721
Double occupancy $4,165

Pricing is for fall semester that begins in August 2017.

About our residence halls:

For many, an important part of college life is living on campus in a residence hall. It provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for friendships and activities. At UA, only a portion of the student body lives on campus, giving our resident students a taste of a small-college atmosphere.

We want your room to be a place where you feel at home, so each one is planned and furnished with that in mind. We have coed residence halls; double rooms and suites and high rises. There are even on-campus apartments. Although we can't guarantee students get their first choice in room locations, we certainly try our best to accommodate their wishes.

Freshmen outside of Summit, Portage, Stark, Medina and Wayne counties are required to live in the University residence halls their first year.

Learn more about UA's residence halls.