Student success in retention & completion

"You are on an important journey. This will be hard work. You can't do everything all at once. Stay the course and when the going gets tough, remember it is not about you but about the students. Their future is our future."

Dr. Vincent Tinto

Hub for ideas and collaboration

Graduate at commencement.Please explore this site – it includes, among many other things, ideas for implementation and highlights from the Summit, transcripts of all summit meetings, and presentations by Dr. Vincent Tinto, a nationally recognized authority on retention issues. Share your reflections, thoughts and ideas with us!

Thank you all for your excellent support! Please keep talking to your colleagues, consider how you play an important role in persistence and completion, and keep checking this site for updates!

Marking progress

  Summaries of the many initiatives under way to improve retention and completion.

PDF icon Presentation prepared for the Council of Deans: "Retention & Completion Update"

Share your ideas!

The Student Success Steering Team asks you to share your ideas to enhance retention and completion.

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UA Summit on Retention

Students in class.In November 2013, hundreds of students, faculty and staff assembled to discuss and examine ways to create conditions for greater persistence and completion. 

  Visit the summit's site for video, outcomes and summaries.

Encouraging students to 'finish in time'

A parody of an infomercial is the centerpiece of a campaign encouraging students to take 15-16 credit hours per semester rather than 12, the minimium for financial aid purposes. See more.

PDF icon 'Finish in Time' presentation for Council of Deans

Student Success Steering team

Meet the team of faculty, staff, students and administrators who are working together to organize the ideas from campus, to align them with the recommendations of retention expert Dr. Vincent Tinto and draft an actionable plan.


This page contains a wealth of articles, reports and books on the subject of retention.

PDF icon List of academic and personal resources on campus for students


New funding for retention/completion initiatives, March 6, 2014