Police authority

About The University of Akron Police Department

Campus law enforcement is primarily the responsibility of The University of Akron Police Department (UAPD.)  The University's full-time police officers are designated by statute as the law enforcement officers of the university and are commissioned by the State of Ohio with full law enforcement authority identical to that of a municipal police officer or sheriff's deputies (Ohio Revised Code §3345.04.)  The mission for every member of UAPD is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to members of the community; and, each officer's oath of office is a personal commitment to the rule of law and constitutional limitations of police authority.

UAPD officers meet or exceed training standards of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council and receive ongoing in-service and specialized training, including training in victim based sexual assault investigations for all UAPD investigators. UAPD enforces all laws of the State of Ohio and the City of Akron and is responsible for public safety services such as crime prevention, medical emergencies, fire emergencies and traffic accidents.  UAPD is empowered to use investigative authority on reasonable suspicion of crime, to search and arrest as authorized by law and to use reasonable and necessary force to enforce all laws and protect property on all University property and where authorized through agreement with local law enforcement.

UAPD works closely with other law enforcement agencies and law enforcement information is shared through personal contacts and technological interaction.  In addition, UAPD and the City of Akron Police Department share a common records system for reports and UAPD reports are exchanged on an as-needed basis among other police agencies, so that all agencies share pertinent information.

In addition, the University maintains mutual aid agreements with several law enforcement agencies, including the cities of Akron and Orrville, and UAPD may enforce the law as provided by these mutual aid compacts.

Copies of the mutual aid agreements:

UAPD provides law enforcement services to the Akron campus 24-hour-a-day, 7 days a week.  Law enforcement services are provided to the University’s other campuses 24-hour-a-day, 7 days a week, through a combination of UAPD and local law enforcement agencies.  Response areas include all parking lots, residence halls (including fraternity and sorority houses.)  UAPD has established a strong working relationship with the City of Akron Police Department and through its agreement with the City of Akron, UAPD has been given authority to engage in patrol, crime interdiction and joint crime prevention projects in the neighborhoods near to the Akron campus.

The UAPD police station is located in the Physical Facilities Operations Center at the corner of Forge and Hill Streets. (GPS location of 146 Hill Street, Akron, OH 44325.)  UAPD is staffed 24 hours every day of the year, to receive reports and investigate crimes. Emergency telephone service, 9-1-1, is available without coin from all campus phones and 485 direct emergency phones located throughout campus. Walk-in service is available every hour of every day. Non-emergency phone contact is also always available by calling 330.972.2911. Questions may also be directed to UAPD through electronic mail at jweber@uakron.edu.


Off-Campus Patrol

The University of Akron has engaged Block-by-Block to provide Off-Campus Patrol to provide unarmed eyes and ears surveillance and patrol services in the area south of East Exchange Street. 

Off-campus patrol area

The service area is bound by East Exchange Street to the north, East Thornton Street to the south, Grant Street and Sherman Street to the west and, Goodkirk Street and Brown Street to the East. The patrol also will provide an escort across the bridge on East Exchange St. to the Downtown Akron Partnership special improvement district at South Broadway.  The map (see below) indicates the patrol area. 

The unarmed patrol works the area south of campus seven days a week between 7:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. and has direct communication with UAPD dispatchers if they need assistance or if a student requests an off-campus escort in the patrol zone.  In addition, its bicycle patrol assists with off-campus outreach and relations and reporting safety hazards.