Campus safety programming

Summary of Community Policing/Crime Prevention Program

The following is an overview of safety programs offered by the University and its Police Department. Programs are available throughout the academic year.

The specific times and places for each of these programs are announced through various campus media as they are offered. Programs also can be scheduled individually by contacting UAPD directly at 972-2911.

In addition, UAPD frequently provides informational tables at campus-wide events and safety fairs, which are staffed by UAPD officers, who are available to answer questions.

Alcohol Awareness/ “Beer Goggle” This program discusses the law, culture and consequences of consuming alcohol.  There also are activities to show the effects of alcohol on motor skills and driving with a tricycle and “beer goggles.”
A.L.i.C.E. This program teaches the community about the options and mental mindset they can have during a crisis on campus.  A.L.i.C.E. is an acronym which stands for Alert, Lockdown, inform, Counter, Evacuate.  The program lasts 60 to 90 minutes.
Female Self Defense Course This program is a modified version of the program P.R.O.T.E.C.T: (Personal Response Option and Tactically Effective Counter Techniques).  The program teaches easy to learn techniques for safety and self-defense.
International New Student Orientation This program gives international students information about safety on and off campus.  The program also explains law enforcement and driving responsibilities.  The program also offers a tour of the police department and a two hour female self defense course.
Men’s Awareness Program for Sexual Assault This program is geared towards teach men about issues related to consent and the myths and reality of sexual assaults.
New Employee Orientation UAPD provides an overview of the department, including services provided and personal safety tips.
New Student Orientation This program is given to all freshman and their parents while participating in the orientation process at the University.  UAPD provides an overview of UAPD, safety tips for property and person; tips for protecting property by marking and engraving those items.   We also give students a whistle as a small tool to prevent crime.
Office Safety This program discusses how to arrange your office to allow for safety, including: how to deescalate an agitated person; how to keep valuables safe; and how to describe a suspicious person.
Operation ID During the first weeks of school and throughout the school year, UAPD officers provide identification and engraving services for students to secure their valuables.
Pizza with Police This program is an open forum for students’ faculty and staff to Interact with police.
“Reducing the Risk” workshop This workshop is hosted by University Health Services. UAPD presents a segment on how to reduce workplace violence risks.
Sexual Assault and Awareness Program This program is included in the alcohol awareness programs.  Issues related to consent and acquaintance rape are discussed.
UAPD Safety Programs These programs give participants an overview of UAPD and safety tips for on and off campus living and personal safety tips, including: how to identify a suspicious person, location and use of campus safety phones and availability of the campus escort service.

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