RadioPolice, Safety, Physical Facilities, Parking, and a host of numerous other departments the ability to have multiple conversations on the air at the same time. This also allows for inter-operability between departments on common talkgroups. Currently, we have over 700 individual subscriber units operating on this system.

The University of Akron also has a branch college located in Orville, Ohio. Wayne College uses a single channel conventional radio system operating on the VHF high band. This system uses a Kenwood base station and a combination of Kenwood and Motorola, mobiles and portables.

Our mobile data radio system provides mobile access to hazardous materials databases for emergency response to spills and/or fires.

The Safety department keeps a stock supply of “loaner” radio equipment. This equipment can be used by any campus department that needs temporary radio communications for special events. Rental costs for this equipment varies by the length of time the units are borrowed. Radios are usually charged by the week or month on a per unit basis, with the cost being $10.00 and $35.00 respectively. Contact Doug Stevenson, Coordinator, Safety and Health Communications, at (330) 972-6323 for further details.

Radio Training Lease/Purchase