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A Call for Interested Parties.  If you would be willing to serve on the University Council or one of its committees then please click here and we will put you name on an interested parties list.

More information on the committees

The Staff members on The University Council are:

Committee Name Member Name Classification
Athletics and Recreation
Nancy Homa SEAC Board
Mary Cooke At Large
Budget and Finance
Kenn Lindeman SEAC Board
Joan Kaye At Large
Jeanne Semilia SEAC Board
Deborah Wilhite At Large
Information Technology
Laura Spray SEAC Board
Eric Mundy At Large
Physical Environment
Shelly Keller SEAC Board
Shawn Stevens At Large
Public Affairs and Development
Peggy Walchalk SEAC Board
Jeanette Quinn At Large
Mary Dingler SEAC Board
Christina Brewer At Large
Student Engagement and Success
Debbie Gannon SEAC Board
John Kline At Large
Talent Development and Human Resources
Lissia Gerber SEAC Board
Marget Canzonetta At Large
University Council
Cheryl Collins-Slusarczyk SEAC Board
Deanne Reynolds SEAC Board
Matt Bungard At Large
University Council Steering Committee
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